Rounding Home

"Would my car crashing to the pavement below make a sound loud enough for anyone to hear?"



In 1991, 21-year-old, Sarah, the recently divorced mother to 2-year-old Hayley, moved from the dusty small town of Farmington, New Mexico to the bustling city of Houston, Texas with dreams of a better life. A year later, she was swept off her feet by Greg Swindell, an established major league baseball player who had just signed a lucrative contract with the Houston Astros and was quickly becoming the talk of the city.

Six weeks after their first date, Greg asked Sarah to quit her job as a hairdresser and marry him during Spring Training in Florida. Over the next several years, Sarah's Cinderella story continued with the addition of three more children, a lifestyle only a few ever dream of living and a love story even fewer ever experience.

That is until 2002 when her picture-perfect life came to a gut-wrenching halt and Sarah was faced with more pain than she ever thought possible. For almost a decade, the puzzle pieces would cease to align due to an avalanche of events; a devastating autism diagnosis, a painful affair, multiple marriages, multiple divorces and her children's own personal struggles with self-harm, eating disorders and attempted suicide.

If you have ever felt lost, betrayed or heartbroken, this story will inspire you to never give up on finding true joy and happiness again. It will prove there is no such thing as the “perfect family” and that difficult times can actually make you stronger than you ever dreamed possible.




About the Author

Sarah Swindell lives in the Austin area with her husband, Greg, a former Major League Baseball player and 2019 Texas Sports Hall of Fame Inductee. Sarah is a commercial actress/model and has been working in the industry for over thirty years. She enjoys spending her free time with her four grown daughters and grandchildren who reside in Texas as well. Sarah is an avid moviegoer, loves yoga, true-crime podcasts, and advocates for children and adults with autism and other disabilities. Her son was diagnosed with severe autism in 2002 at the age of eighteen months.



As a professional, friend and mother of an adult son with profound autism, I am honored to know Sarah, the strong woman behind the voice that wrote this thoroughly interesting, poignant and eloquent account of her life. She gives voice to not only her experience(s) with her son with Autism, but how that had, and still has, profound effects on the entire family system, and all webbed in relationship with them. She skillfully weaves in her ‘wise adult’ insights, which adds richness and feeling to the reader’s experience.
— Dr. Dorothy Byrne, PhD, LPC-S, CHt, RDN, LD, autism mom
In Rounding Home, Sarah writes with gritty honesty, a deeply moving account of life with her autistic son. However, this is more than another autism book. It is the gripping story of the Swindell family over the course of many very tumultuous years. Sarah shares vulnerability, passion, and true love for her family. This testament to the resilience of the human spirit will touch your heart and soul.
— Gayle Nobel, life coach, autism mom, and author of 3 books on living with autism.
Rounding Home is a riveting, page-turning masterpiece chronicling the sometimes heartbreaking, and always resilient Sarah, and how she and her family overcame adversity. The sheer vulnerability and grit demonstrated by Sarah is inspirational and unforgettable.
— Erica Mantei, Former baseball wife
Rounding Home is a raw and honest view of the struggles and challenges of a family learning to deal with the life-changing realities of having a child diagnosed with special needs. Those stresses profoundly affect all those who care for and love that child, as well as the child him- or herself. This story of the Swindell family is a poignant demonstration of how each family member responded and was changed, for better or worse, as they struggled to come to terms with how their lives had been altered. And although there was damage along the way, they ultimately triumph by rekindling the love that created their family unit in the first place.
— Dr. Bryan Jepson, author, physician, and father of two sons with autism
Rounding Home is a gorgeously transparent and inspiring chronicle of The Swindell Family. This astonishing memoir speaks to anyone who yearns for deeper, truer relationships and a more abundant, authentic life.
— Kelly Taylor-Simmons, autism mom to 14-year-old, Pierce
Rounding Home is not at all what you’d expect. Instead, Sarah grabs and takes you through her roller coaster of life as a mother of four (one with special needs), baseball wife, infidelity, several marriages and divorces, heartache, loneliness, laughter and brings us back to what started this roller coaster journey - that one true love! Sarah shares it all with us, with honesty and grace.
— Joanie Frieden, Austin business owner
Rounding Home takes you on a riveting journey through the eyes of an exceptional woman who embraced struggle, love, success and the unimaginable, Autism. You weave through Sarah’s brave journey to home base through her strength, unconditional love, profound forgiveness, and perseverance. Get ready to laugh, cry and flutter with romance, it’s one hell of a love story!
— Gena Lee Nolin, Actress, Author, Advocate - “Thyroid Sexy,” Wife & Mother

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